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We Are CamPak


We understand the value of client input and
ensure good communication channels with clients, architects, subcontractors and local authorities.

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We offer a wide range of services within the construction industry

CamPak Construction Pty Ltd was established in 1993 by its directors, Phil Howden and Craig Witherspoon. Since then we have established ourselves as the premiere commercial construction builder.

We have adopted a policy of ensuring reliable and efficient service by the careful selection and provision of a balanced, professional and practical team. Each project is assigned personnel, best suited to delivering the requisite expertise for its specific requirements.

CamPak’s team have extensive expertise in the industry, covering a wide range of responsibilities including project management, quality assurance, construction supervision, contract administration and estimating.

Our Services

Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Construction
Construction Management
Project Management
Design & Construct
Renovation & Refurbishment