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We Are CamPak

Hangar One

The modern redesign of Hangar 1 was developed
in partnership with Forrest Architects and
Connell Wagner Structural Engineers.

Qantas Hangar One 1 Qantas Hangar One 2 Qantas Hangar One 3 Qantas Hangar One 4

New lease of life for
Brisbane's Hangar One

The refurbishment included the installation of hangar doors, conference rooms, planning areas, training rooms and an avionics workshop. Executive General Manager Qantas Engineering David Cox said the Queensland Government has played an important role in assisting in the hangar development project. David said "The doors are very impressive structures, weighing over 26 tonnes, over 71 metres wide and ranging from 12 to 22 metres in height."

Administration areas in the facility have also been upgraded to accommodate 32 staff from Qantas Engineering, the resident EADS-CASA team and RAAF staff. Other features of the facility include floor resurfacing, an additional 30 tonnes of steel in roof reinforcement to support the doors, and fire, electrical and security upgrades. The facility is now capable of accommodating all aircraft up to and including a B747-400 and could also accommodate two B737/A320 size aircraft side by side.