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We Are CamPak

Q-Link Lounge

This project expands Qantaslinks’s capacity
by providing an additional Gate Lounge
housing two additional Gates.

Qantas Q-Link Lounge 1 Qantas Q-Link Lounge 2 Qantas Q-Link Lounge 3 Qantas Q-Link Lounge 4

A new way to fly

The location of the lounge is off the existing Northern Satellite Link at the Brisbane Domestic Terminal Building. The project increased the Brisbane Domestic Terminal’s footprint and Qantas’s lease area by approximately 400sqm.

The proposal lounge located on the ground level is accessed by using existing external escape stairs or by utilising the new passenger lift. Part of the project allows future expansion and is provided by installing a concrete slab above the lounge for future lounge cover.

The site was in a security restricted zone in an operational airside environment. Deliveries and work during normal working hours was restricted to operations that do not disturb normal airport operations.

The project consists of a concrete slab base, jackable concrete columns, hanging special façade system with auto doors and glazing, suspended pot tensioned concrete slab with roof over. The new services included lifts, communications, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, fire, security and a new hearing augmentation system. The departure lounge is also equipped with public and staff amenities and a storage and customer service desk.