Expert Team

Meet the team

Our organisational direction is clear to all in our team and everything we do supports the achievement of our goals.

Craig Witherspoon


As a director at CamPak, Craig has over 40 years of industry experience in construction. Responsible for design, contracts and administration, Craig has worked on a range of different projects and has an exceptional track-record for construction excellence.

Craig holds both general and house building licences. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and an Associate Diploma in Business Management.

Phil Howden


Responsible for construction management, Phil is a Director at CamPak. Having worked in the construction industry for over 40 years, Phil’s knowledge and experience span an extensive range of projects, varying in both size and complexity.

Phil holds a general licence and house building licence. He also holds Demolition and Asbestos Removal Certification, a Diploma in Applied Science Building and is a former president of the Asbestos Industry Association.

James Howden (B.J.)

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager at CamPak, B.J. is responsible for ensuring all business processes and systems are streamlined and functioning at optimal capacity. B.J also undertakes a project management role within the business, overseeing construction and providing a valuable connection between on-site and head office operations.

B.J. holds a Bachelor of Urban Development (Construction Management).

Glen Martin

Project Manager, Estimator, Contracts Administrator

With considerable construction experience, Glen has a multi-faceted role at CamPak, managing projects on site, quantifying costs and ensuring that all contractual requirements are met. Ensuring each project is delivered within budget and to the highest standard, Glen makes certain that each build, refit or refurb is seamless.

Glen holds a Carpentry Trade Licence.

Terry Draney

Estimator, Contracts Administrator

An integral part of the CamPak team, Terry is responsible for preparing project costings and budgets, auditing projects and managing overall construction expenses. With over 35 years of experience, Terry works closely with contractors and consultants to negotiate the best prices and rates, while also managing contract obligations from the beginning of each project through to completion.

Terry holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management).

Mario Medrano

Estimator, Contracts Administrator

Mario is a key member of our estimating team, negotiating prices and providing the most cost-effective project budgets without sacrificing safety or quality. Also responsible for contracts administration, Mario manages contractual requirements both before building commences and during the construction process, ensuring that each job runs smoothly.

Mario holds a Bachelor in Administrative Civil Engineering.

Elizabeth Davidson

Systems Manager

With risk management experience in multiple operational contexts over 20 years, Elizabeth is responsible for developing and maintaining tailor-made management systems and processes for CamPak and for implementation management across our project sites. Taking a hands-on approach to workplace safety, Elizabeth also provides exceptional leadership to support our ongoing commitment to safety and quality.

Elizabeth holds graduate and postgraduate degrees and Certificate IV Occupational Health and Safety.

Lincoln Garth

Site Supervisor

Lincoln’s background as a construction supervisor is extensive, having been responsible for managing a broad range of multi-million dollar projects. These include the $11 million Walsh Street Apartments in Milton and the $15 million Griffith Street development. Before joining CamPak, Lincoln owned and operated his own company for 12 years.

Andy Attwell

Site Supervisor

Andy is responsible for supervising our highly skilled staff and contractors while maintaining a safe work environment. He has worked on medium and large projects for over 40 years and is dedicated to ensuring all stakeholders work cohesively to meet the goals of each project.

Andy holds a Carpentry Trade Licence, Open Supervisors Licence and Certificate IV in Building.

Brendon Brady

Site Supervisor

Combining his expert knowledge, skills and management techniques, Brendon is responsible for the project supervision of staff and contractors. Ensuring site activities meet project requirements, Brendon is committed to delivering each project in accordance with CamPak safety requirements and client specifications within the agreed timeframe.

Scotty Laidler

Site Supervisor

With over 10 years experience in the construction industry, Scott manages our tradespeople on-site, ensuring all work is completed safely and to the highest quality and within the agreed timeframe. Focused on safety, Scott is also adept at short and long term project planning.

Scott holds an NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Construction Operations Management. Scott also holds an open Supervisors Licence, Carpentry Trade Licence and an Advanced Diploma in Construction Management.

Donna Harvey

Office Manager, Accounts

Joining CamPak in 2004, Donna oversees the office operations and procedures, managing our accounts, business systems, supplies, correspondence and administrative staff.