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We Are CamPak

Asbestos Removal ,
Demolition &

Building demolition generates huge volumes
of waste. Dismantling, salvaging and separating recyclable materials is a more environmentally sustainable way of disposal.

Amberley Demolition Old Toowoomba Road Asbestos Westside Christian College Asbestos Zinfra Energex Asbestos

Past & Current Projects

Amberley Workpac 1 Project

A demolition zone was established by displaying appropriate signage and erecting barricading at the boundary. Fencing was placed around the extended perimeter to prevent public access to adjoining footpaths.

Old Toowoomba Road
Asbestos Removal

This project consisted of the removal of external wall cladding, electrical mounting boards, wall and ceiling linings throughout the interior and exterior of the house as well as the horse stables to the rear of the property. A complete clean up of all debris scattered on the ground around the property was conducted.

Westside Christian College
Asbestos Removal and Refurbishment

CamPak is certified by the Division of Work Health and Safety Qld to undertake both bonded and friable asbestos removal work. CamPak was assigned responsibility for the supervision of all asbestos removal work.

Zinfra - Energex
Asbestos Removal

Zinfra assigned CamPak responsibilty for the removal of non-friable and friable asbestos from fibre cement pole mounted MDI Boxes and wrapped underground cable pole mounted terminations in various Brisbane suburbs.